Sports Betting Shortcut

If you ask the typical sports bettor what portion of their bets they had to win in order to revenue, I would bet that 98 % of them would state 52.4 %, or some other number like that. It is not coincidental that statistics show 98 % of all sports wagerers lose money. If you believe you need to win half of your bets to make money, you have no idea exactly what game you are playing. Find more info on 2bet48.com here.

The reality is, you can win significantly less than 50 % of your bets and still pocket some nice earnings. If you need evidence, check out Best Sports Picks Today. If you look at the lifetime history of the site, I am the All Time leader by 11 systems over the number 2 handicapper and virtually 20 devices over number 3.

My lifetime record as of April 30, 2012 at BSPT is 70-93 (.429) with a revenue of +3210 since September of 2011. Every sport, the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL has been bet throughout this time with equal success. The exact same technique was made use of for each sport, and I have shown an earnings monthly with the exception of February 2012.

Exactly what occurred in February?

Let me inform you a little story, that, had it not happened to me I would most likely not think it could occur. Still, it did take place. In February 2012, I went 0-18 in my betting for the month. That's right. I lost every bet I put for the entire month. I won my bet on January 31, and I won my bet on March 1, and lost each and every single one between. Luckily, I was Expert of the Month in January with +1250 units so my 20 unit bankroll was never ever down more than 5.5 devices.

That streak is consisted of in the numbers from BSPT revealed above, and I am still by far the most significant winner. In spite of that 18 device catastrophe in February, I remain in 4th location for all 2012 with over 10 devices of revenue. My record for the year is 29-49 (.371) through April, +1175.

I inform you these things for two reasons.

First, I needed to get February off my chest and fess up to the world how imperfect I can be. Who would actually wish to claim an 0-18 record? Since I do sell my systems and strategies, I owe it you to come clean about even the worst of times.

Throughout that stretch, even I questioned my systems and techniques. Perhaps I was just fortunate in 2011. I was the biggest winner of the year at BSPT. Possibly that Expert of the Month award in January was my peak. Possibly, the idea struck me, that I was not as good as I thought. It took me March and April to recuperate the losses, however I did. My faith was shaken, however never broken.

The second reason is to show you evidence that you don't need to win more than 50 % of your bets to win money. You do not require anywhere close to it if you bet. The majority of people do not bet.

Carolina Capper, the present leader for the year at BSPT, is hitting 64 % on 53 bets. I tip my hat to the man. He has far and away the very best winning portion, but still, he is only 1.5 devices ahead of me right now while I have actually won only 37 %.

How about for just the last two months?
DIY Sports Betting Systems
19 14 +1725
30 16 +1260

Carolina Capper made 1260/46 = 27.39 per bet. If I were to lose my next five bets and my portion dropped to 50 %, we would be even and I would only be down to 45.39 per bet.

The point is, winning percentage is no place near as essential as winning money. If you are betting with a technique that needs you to win more than 50 % of the bets you position to profit, you are almost specific to lose in the long run.

I send for your factor to consider that it is outrageous to risk more than you can win on any video game. They will take unfavorable bets all the time. They are crazy adequate to put 2 devices up on a baseball online game, when the best they can hope to do is win one.

Even betting on point spreads at -110 is a losing recommendation in most cases. The books charge you 10 % just for the advantage of banking on their best guess at exactly what makes up a 50-50 chance versus the spread. Lots of supposedly knowledgeable wagerers do it all the time. My view is that if a group needs the points it is unworthy betting on.

If you want to win money betting on sports, don't worry about aiming to win more online games. Instead, focus your attention on winning more money on every online game you do win. Instead of churning away your bankroll on point spreads, discover how to pick money line winners that pay out +150 or more.

DIY Sports Betting Systems lead you to the games that reveal the most profit possible, then provide you the tools you have to choose if it is actually a great bet.